The Short Big

The Short Big is a workshop and podcast series that aims to demystify academic language and emphasise experiential approaches to knowledge generation. Our focus is on bridging the gap between academia and the wider public, highlighting global learning models and the potential of education to enhance social mobility through engaging and open-sourcing knowledge production processes.

Through a series of workshops involving diverse participants, we collaboratively engage in iteratively refining, translating, clarifying, transcribing and editing contemporary research—allowing space to understand, question and contextualise theory in a caring, inclusive and additive way. A process that ensures the accessibility of niche research topics, promoting inclusive and transferable academic discourse.

Within the School of Commons, The Short Big aims to develop its workshops and a podcast series by examining the processes involved in deconstructing, dissecting, and developing academic research material. This ensures the relevance of the seminars by promoting content to new audiences, fostering pluralistic perspectives, and embracing inclusivity and diversity.

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