Unpacking the terms together

By Anna Kücking

As part of concept development and a deeper exploration of key terms, a proposed method involves a time-restricted game conducted within a collective setting. The purpose is to foster playful engagement with the key concepts that underpin the values of your project.

For instance, consider a session aimed at deepening understanding of the values foundational to the “There, there” working process in the podcast. Anna Kücking, the workshop facilitator, suggested that the working group (comprising 4 individuals, including Anna) undertake a task. Each participant was assigned to choose a term and engage in an “unbound” writing exercise for a set duration, specifically defining the term’s meaning for the person who had selected it. Subsequently, each group member shared their understanding of the term, leading to a brief discussion about their findings and interpretations.

During the session, each working group member proposed suggestions to incorporate their unique understanding of the term, sometimes fully agreeing with a given definition. As a result, all group members left the session with ideas on how to refine their definitions more precisely, capturing their individual visions of the critical term and incorporating other perspectives from the group.

The proposed definitions varied in written form, ranging from poetic to straightforward and “to the point.” Nonetheless, each definition maintained a robust connection to the values defined by the working group for the podcast’s development.

Subsequently, these terms were activated in the podcast development process by being shared with potential interviewees and hosts. Additionally, they served as reminders for the group, reinforcing the shared direction that unites the process and work on the project.

Published 01/05/2024