Band of Burnouts

📗Free Download: The ‘We Are Not Sick’ Lyric Book

A free download of the We Are Not Sick lyric book to share, spread, and DIY make for yourself at home.

At our event as part of Zürich’s Lange Nacht contemporary music festival, we produced a special limited ed. zine to accompany the collaboration with and presentation of experimental theory band We Are Not Sick


The publication included this interview with one half of the band, Geert Lovink, and a mini-zine containing the lyrics to every song on the band’s debut album Sad by DesignThe lyric book makes reading along to the spoken-word, critical theoried, danceable tunes ultra fun—so we wanted to make it available to everyone and anyone to print and make your own at home/work/the library, etc.

Whether you might like to host a collective listening session or simply want to put the bopable theory sounds on at home, we are putting up this easy-to-make booklet as a shared resource to bring some free fun back into social media critique/encouragement of thinking in alternatives.

Now you can download, print, cut and fold your own lyric book of all the songs from We Are Not Sick‘s album Sad by Design.

Top: The zine file before it’s folded and cut
Bottom: Printed zine with folds and cut, ready for assembly

What to do:

Download the pdf and print it on either A3 (recommended) or A4 paper. Use your office printer, send it to a friend to print at their’s, ask your uni mentor to print it at the school library, or DIY at home – whatever!

Throw the album on and dive into the band’s new modality of critical theory.

Pro tip: If you want to make multiple copies, print out the first and then photocopy/xerox the rest to add some noise and amp up the low-fi feel.



👐Folding Instructions

An 8-page zine really is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t require any complicated double side printing, just one straight print and then fold + cut.

Here are some directions on how to fold and cut the A3/A4 print to assemble it into an 8-page zine.

Share, spread, gift, warp, whatever!
Have fun with it, send it around, and feel free to share your creations with us or let us know what you do with it.


Typeface credits:

Thank you to Velvetyne Type Foundry for Avara by Raphaël Bastide + Wei Huang + Lucas Le Bihan + Walid Bouchouchi + Jérémy Landes, Le Murmure by Jérémy Landes, and Outward by Raoul Audouin, and A—Z Berlin for their collaborative font Connecting A—Z.