Hyperreal citation

Hyperreal citation  is a montage technique and a form of intentional wandering. It is a form of approaching an answer through exploring tangents and extending hospitality to the imagined or real voices you come across.

Hyperreal citation is a round-table, where everyone is invited. It is a tactic of unconditional inclusion, where artificial labels of “low” and “high” culture, fictional and factual encounters are rendered irrelevant by an ethics of horizontality, mulitvocality and contamination.

Hyperreal citation imagines a pedagogy following Jack Halberstam that is: “not fixed on a telos,without fixed logics and epistemes, without problem solving knowledges or grand modernist narratives” but instead playful, experimental, abductive instead of deductive or inductive and problem making instead of problem solving.  (Halberstam, 2011, 16)