“Multispecies storytelling is about recuperation in complex histories that are as full of dying as living, as full of endings, even genocides, as beginnings. […] I am not interested in reconciliation or restoration, but I am deeply committed to the more modest possibilities of partial recuperation and getting on together.” Donna Haraway

Can we, together, imagine new narratives that remain rooted in everyday storytelling but at the same time take active responsibility for futures that address a plurality of beings? Can we co-create stories with the aim to reclaim the land and the commons that capitalism has robbed us of? Reclaim and create trans-species possibilities, without being trapped by the question of True and False? Because it seems that what we need is “to stutter the real, to widen the spectrum, to bring forth new connected worlds that disconcert us, to unfold them by arousing the appetite for the possible, in order to displace the overwhelming pretension of the too-well-described world, to find ruses, to play, by tirelessly returning to our practices, by asserting the need for new ways of telling and experiencing these worlds, this is what we must learn to do.” (from Gestes spéculatifs, Cerisy colloquium, 2013)