The Big Short

The Short Big is a podcast series and interactive platform that endeavours to demystify academic language and prioritise experiential approaches to knowledge. Through collaborative workshops involving a diverse group of participants, they engage in a process of iterative refinement, translation, clarification, transcription, and editing of contemporary research. This transformative process enables the accessibility of niche research interests.
The overarching goal of The Short Big is to generate inclusive and transferable academic discourse. While the project seeks to bridge the gap between academia and the wider public, its distinct focus lies in open-sourcing the knowledge production process itself.
Operating within the School of Commons, The Short Big aims to explore and scrutinise several key aspects. This includes examining the adopted processes for deconstructing, developing, and dissecting academic research material. Additionally, they actively engage with the ongoing conversations within contemporary arts and culture, recognising their significance in their own work. The podcast showcases diverse voices, encompassing a wide array of researchers and practitioners, thereby promoting inclusivity and diversity.
A vital objective for The Short Big is to ensure the relevance of their seminar content to new audiences, fostering pluralistic perspectives. To facilitate this, they incorporate various systems and interactive tools that enable effective knowledge-sharing.
In summary, The Short Big functions as an influential platform where academic language is demystified, and the process of knowledge production is shared openly. By championing experiential knowledge, cultivating equitable academic dialogue, and amplifying diverse voices, The Short Big aims to drive positive change and enhance the accessibility of academic research for the betterment of society.


Urjuan Toosy

Mariana Neves